Genome Compass FAQ

  • GenomeCompass is a personalized genomics newsreader App. It contains two key components, genomics news stories collected or compiled by reputable genome scientists; and a proprietary algorithm to compute a relevance score of each story to a person based on his or her genomic data.

  • GenomeCompass is developed for those people who want to explore their personal genomic data and learn more about latest genomics research relevant to them. People who do not have genomic data may not get the full benefit from what the App offers, although they may still enjoy the “non-personalized” genomics news.

  • As our privacy policy states, neither we the developer team nor any third party can use the App to obtain personal identifying information, including personal genome data, without user's explicit consent. Personal genome data is stored on user's own devices in a secure format. As a matter of fact, it will be very hard to access genome data even in the unlikely event that user's device is stolen or compromised. We believe a user’s own genome is his/her digital asset, and user has the exclusive right to share it with the party they choose.

  • The App uses an algorithm to compute the relevance score for each news story to you. These algorithms are derived from published genomics research literature, which may or may not be accurate as many draw conclusions based on small sample sizes. If you think a piece of news makes sense to you please express your opinion by “Approve It”. Your response, along with thousands of others, will help genomics researchers and us to improve the accuracy in computing relevancy.

  • Not really. We developed Genome Compass for educational and entertainment purposes only. We hope this App will bring public attention to current genomics research. We tends to report “good news” and fun facts about your genome, and bias against medical related news. If you find something that worries you, you should seek clinical geneticists for professional advice.

  • Please send your request to: semgenomics at gmail